Camden, Cumberland, Essex, Ocean Report Over 1,000 Homeless Students

Homelessness Negatively Impacts
School Performance

Homeless Students Living in the ShadowsIn New Jersey, 10,303 homeless students in 2013-2014 – an alarming 19% increase over the prior year.

Four New Jersey counties saw their numbers top 1,000 students:

  • Camden – 1,086 students
  • Cumberland – 1,286 students
  • Essex – 1,109 and
  • Ocean – 1,103 students

These are links to the county reports as well as one for charters. The numbers in each county are listed in parenthesis with a percentage of the state total.

New Jersey 101.5 reported on the national data and the situation that New Jersey’s 10,303 homeless students face every day,

“The final bell rings and you don’t know where you’re sleeping that night, or how you’re getting to school the next day.”

According to Barbara Duffield with the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, homeless students face their own set of challenges,

“Homelessness can easily have a negative impact on a student’s performance in school.

‘We do see that children and youths who are homeless have lower test scores, have lower graduation rates, have more problems with chronic absenteeism.’

At the same time, though, these kids are in the greatest need for success. A solid education can be their ticket out of poverty. It may also only be their only source of a warm meal and proper supervision.”

Duffield said.

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