Rapid Re-Housing Snapshot of Success

73% Participants Exit to Permanent Housing

Rapid Re-Housing Snapshot of SuccessThe National Alliance to End Homelessness has posted a new online resource “Data Snapshot: Recent Rapid Re-Housing Research,” on its website.

The Data Snapshot provides an overview of 2015 research into the effectiveness of rapid re-housing. Seventy-three percent (73%) of people tracked for the study who were rapidly re-housed exited to permanent housing.

The primary measures of success are:

  • Help households quickly exit homelessness; Increase the number of households exiting to permanent housing;
  • Prevent households from returning to homelessness;
  • Increase a household’s self sufficiency; and
  • Decrease homelessness overall.

The resource includes data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s “Short-term Impacts from the Family Options Study.”

Click here for the Data Snapshot.