We Need a Plan NOW to Prevent Homelessness for People with Disabilities

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Find a solution NOW!

Action AlertEmergency Assistance (EA) is a vital housing program for people on cash assistance – Work First NJ/TANF, Work First NJ/GA and SSI.

EA can be provided for up to 24 months, and, until July 2, 2015, two programs existed to extend EA by 36 more months for extenuating circumstances, primarily pending disability status and the high cost of housing.

Since the announcement in July there has been no replacement program. No program means no payments, and people are getting eviction notices.

Most of the people affected have significant disabilities, or care for a child or family member with a disability. Often they have complicated housing needs, and in all cases they have very limited budgets. At best, those with SSI, have a monthly income of just $764.25. There are not a lot of affordable housing options out there for these individuals and families.

The Department of Human Services has told advocates that it is working on a solution, but the reality is that this was a preventable crisis.

They knew the extension program was due to expire. That’s how pilots work. People with the greatest needs should not have to pay for the State’s failure to plan. But that is what is happening. People are being terminated. They are getting eviction notices. They are scrambling to figure out a solution, because the subsidy is gone.

But it is the State’s job to figure out a solution, not the people who need our help.

Call the Governor’s Office: 609-292-6000

Tell them:

“I am calling about the end of the extension program for Emergency Assistance. No one with a disability should become homeless because of the State’s failure to plan. Find a solution NOW!”

For more details, click here for an October 10th article from the Star Ledger.

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