Homes for the Poor and Disabled are Essential to Communities

Responding to the League of Municipalities
Affordable Housing Mandate Reports

Gail LevinsonOn October 6, 2015, NJ Spotlight published, “Responding to League of Municipalities on Affordable Housing Mandage,” an Op-Ed piece by Gail Levinson.

Levinson is the executive director of the Supportive Housing Association of NJ (SHA), a nonprofit statewide membership organization that advocates for a strong supportive housing industry in New Jersey.

“Finding places to live for the poorest citizens, and for those with special needs, is essential for building a diverse community.”

Writes Levinson.

She references the League of Municipalities two recent reports on the Mount Laurel doctrine and formulas for creating affordable housing.

“Of concern to the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey (SHA) is the reports’ recommendation that people living on extremely low incomes, less than 20 percent of area median income, be excluded from state housing-policy requirements because their incomes are too low to afford an affordable rent. So where will they live?”

Affordable housing has been proven to save money and also the lives of low-income individuals who without housing are high users of municipal services and hospital emergency rooms. Supportive housing stabilizes their lives.

“The League’s reports fail to recognize the many towns and cities that do not use income to exclude people, whose mayors believe that providing housing for the neediest builds strong and vibrant communities. SHA calls on the League to modify its position and include the poorest among us.”

Writes Levinson.

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