Raise Awareness About Mental Illness

On October 15, 2015, the Union News Daily, highlights the Mental Health Association of New Jersey and Monarch Housing Associate’s partnership in the Walk/Run on Nov. 7 to help Fight Stigma, raise awareness of mental illness.

“Helping those with mental illness is a goal shared by Monarch Housing Associates, which builds housing for homeless people with disabilities so they can ‘live independently.’ There’s plenty of overlap between homelessness and mental illness. NJ Counts 2015 found that more than two in five homeless people reported having a disability, including mental health issues and substance abuse disorders.”

Said Richard Brown, the organization’s CEO.

That overlap, said Brown, is why Monarch Housing Associates and the Association are working together on this year’s Walk/Run.

“Now’s the time to be aware of the pressing needs for people with mental illness and people who are homeless. We’re really trying to raise awareness that we can do more to help those with the greatest need — not dissimilar from what the Pope was talking about, last month — and bring those issues to the table, where they’ve been put aside or overlooked.” The unfortunate piece is the demand is always greater than the number of units that are available. Most of the developments we do, the numbers are anywhere from five to 10 people for every available unit, so we continue to need to build more, and use that as an opportunity to help people live independently.”

Said Richard Brown.

Monarch recently partnered in the completion of the 120 unit Kilmer Homes in Edison New Jersey. Thirty of the apartments were set aside for the homeless and use Housing Choice Vouchers.

Monarch joins with advocates from across the state to push New Jersey’s delegation in Congress to restore funding for the federally funded Housing Choice Voucher program and renew funding for all existing vouchers.

“Monarch is also on the cusp of several projects in Union County. They’ve looked in Elizabeth for housing opportunities, hope to start a project in Plainfield next year, and have completed residences for senior citizens in Garwood.”

Said Brown.

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