Raise the Caps and Reverse Sequestration

Staci BergerLynne of Morris Plains found herself homelessness after losing her job and her home.

Lynne said:

“That homelessness ‘can happen to anyone’ and that she ‘would still be in the street if there were not programs in place.’

‘Lawmakers need to know how important vouchers are,’ says Lynne.”

On October 23, 2015, Staci Berger and Richard Brown wrote in NJ Spotlight, “Lives in the Balance as Congress Underfunds Housing Vouchers.”

Staci Berger is the president and CEO of the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey. Richard W. Brown is the CEO of Monarch Housing Associates.

The budget limbo caused by sequestration is putting the squeeze on low-income New Jerseyans facing homelessness

“Instead of supporting proven programs like housing vouchers, Congress has done the opposite. From 2010-2014, New Jersey lost 1,900 federally funded Housing Choice Vouchers. All of New Jersey’s congressional representatives should work to raise the tight annual caps on appropriations under the 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA) and reverse the harmful automatic sequestration cuts that further reduced the caps and hurts people and places in our state.”

Write Berger and Brown.

Lynne is now living in her own home and working full time.

“Lynne’s successful journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency is just one of the countless examples that demonstrate how vouchers are ending homelessness in New Jersey.

Congress should do more, not less, to make sure Lynne, and our neighbors experiencing homelessness, can thrive. Everyone deserves an opportunity to live in a great community, in a place they can afford to call home.”

Challenge Berger and Brown.

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