Chris Christie Nearly Made Thousands of Disabled Residents Homeless

His Presidential Campaigning Contradicts
Affordable Housing Position in NJ

Chris Christie Nearly Made Thousands of Disabled Residents HomelessAn October 21, 2015, a Newsworks commentary piece makes the case that “Chris Christie made thousands of disabled residents homeless.”

“By essentially pulling the plug on the program, chronically ill people suddenly had hundreds of dollars drained from their bank accounts and faced the very real possibility of being kicked out into the cold, thanks to (Governor) Christie taking a pair of scissors to their safety net.”

Writing about the fate of recipients of Emergency Assistance and Temporary Assistance says Rob Tornoe.

These two state hardship programs provided “temporary” housing for thousands of poor and disabled residents throughout the state.

“The cuts were the largest sudden change in policy towards those at risk of being homeless since the late 1980s or early 1990s, all to save money.”

“But it’s really not saving anything. The money that supports the program didn’t run out. The Christie administration simply made the decision to use the $15.5 million the program costs to help balance the general emergency assistance program budget.”

According to Melville “Dee” Miller, president of Legal Services of New Jersey.

What is truly appalling is how Governor Christie talks about affordable housing in his presidential campaign.

“’I came here today because I’ve seen the effect that housing has had in my state, or that lack of housing has had in my state, and I think we need to fix it,’ Christie said at the New Hampshire Housing Summit. He went on to say people don’t often make a correlation between housing and health or education, but they should.”

In reality, this Governor has tried again and again to block efforts to create affordable housing in New Jersey.

In fact, he was quoted saying in New Jersey in:

“’I… don’t think we have this overwhelming need for affordable housing in the state either,’ Christie said back in January on NJ 101.5’s ‘Ask the Governor’ radio program.”

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