Fighting the Good Fight Against Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness

It Takes a Network to End Poverty

Serena RiceNJ Spotlight recently profiled Serena Rice, Executive Director of the Anti-Poverty Network (APN) of New Jersey.

Rice spoke to NJ Spotlight about her work fighting the good fight against poverty, hunger and homelessness.

Rice discussed what makes her job leading (APN) challenging. In New Jersey,

“… Even if people are working full time, unless they are making $20 or $30 an hour, they are not making ends meet.”

But the federal definition of poverty is $24,450 annually which is really not relevant to the very high cost of living in our state.

Rice strongly believes that it takes a network to end poverty in New Jersey.

“’No one organization, no matter how big or how well-resourced, can grapple with all the dimensions of poverty. Our constituency recognizes this is a moral crisis in our state.’”

Rice said.

Monarch Housing is proud to be a member in APN’s network. Monarch’s vision is that every person in New Jersey will have quality affordable, permanent housing that fosters freedom, independence and community integration.

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