2015 Paycheck to Paycheck Report

Edison, Trenton and Newark
Among Most Expensive Rental Areas

2015 Paycheck to PaycheckThe National Housing Conference and Center for Housing Policy have released their 2015 Paycheck to Paycheck report.

This annual report that looks at housing affordability and compares wages to housing costs in 208 metro areas across the country.

Edison is ranked the 10th most expensive metro area for rental housing with a fair market rent (FMR) of $1,495 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Trenton and Newark tied are tied for 26th with an FMR of $1,269 for a two-bedroom apartment.

This year’s edition has a special focus on millennials and examines, in depth, the housing affordability challenges for the five occupations most commonly held by millennials:

  1. administrative assistant,
  2. retail cashier,
  3. e-commerce customer service representative,
  4. food service manager and
  5. cardiac technician.

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