Critics baffled by Christie’s Vow to Fix Affordable Homes

Governor’s NJ Record Not Reaching Other Voters

Governor ChristieOn October 26, 2015, the Star-Ledger reported that “Critics (are) baffled by Christie’s vow to fix affordable housing.”

“Christie told a crowd in New Hampshire on Oct. 16 that if he is elected to the White House, he will work with governors across the country on federal policy to make it easier for low- and moderate-income residents to find affordable housing.

‘I came here today because I’ve seen the effect that housing has had in my state — or that lack of housing has had in my state,’ the New Jersey governor said during an appearance at the New Hampshire Housing Summit. ‘And I think we need to fix it.’”

New Jersey housing advocates were shocked to hear Governor Chris Christie’s quote.

“ .. Advocates in Christie’s home state say the governor has spent the last six years essentially waging a war on affordable housing in New Jersey. They noted that he has tried multiple times to abolish the state Council on Affordable Housing — or COAH — which determines how many homes should be made available to poorer residents in the state.

‘He has done everything in his power, and some things that turned out to be outside the scope of his power, to deny, delay, and destroy people’s opportunity to have more affordable homes in New Jersey.’

Said Staci Berger the president of the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey.

And the Fair Share Housing Center’s director Kevin Walsh agrees with Berger.

In 2010, Governor Christie attempted to “disband” the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) which lays out guidance for towns regarding how much affordable housing each should create. Christie said that “… The should get ‘the hell out of the business of telling people how many units they’re supposed to have’ and allow individual towns to set their own quotas.

‘We’re going to hold a funeral for COAH,’ the governor said during a town hall that year. ‘We’ll respectfully bury it and put it away forever.’’

Said Kevin Walsh.

In March of 2015, the state Supreme Court turned over to judges “… The regulation of affordable housing in New Jersey because Christie’s administration repeatedly failed to obey the order.”

Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute explains that voters in other states such as New Hampshire are not paying attention to his voting record.

“They’re all under the impression that he’s done a great job in New Jersey. That stuff does not trickle out.”

Murray said.

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