Clean Omnibus Spending Bill Without Ideological Riders is Critical

Would Threaten Passage of Funding for
HUD Programs to End Homelessness

NDD UnitedThe Non-defense Discretionary (NDD) United Steering Committee has sent a letter to congressional leadership and appropriations cardinals urging lawmakers to pass an omnibus spending bill that avoids ideological policy riders.

“With the passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) comes the responsibility of Congress to develop more thoughtful fiscal policies that help ensure our nation remains a global leader for generations to come. Ideological policy riders would threaten the passage of an omnibus that is critically needed to fund federal investments. Indeed, Congress has the right to alter laws or propose new ones through regular order in authorizing committees, not through undermining the appropriations process, which is currently operating under a condensed timeline.”

The final passage of FY 2016 spending legislation is very much in flux and a 12-bill, omnibus spending measure is far from a “done deal.” Advocates are urged to continue to push for a clean, 12-bill, omnibus spending bill as you are also pushing for increases in U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding. You can email Congressional housing staffers and share the NDD letter with them.

Click here for the NDD Letter.

Click here for a list of Housing staffers in the New Jersey Congressional offices.

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