Disabled Homeless Long Branch Vet Moves into Own Home

Settles into HUD Funded Apartment
With New Furniture

Wordon DixonWordon Dixon, a 70-year-old disabled veteran who has lived on the Jersey Shore his whole life, has moved into his own apartment in Long Branch.

Manor told the Asbury Park Press, “This is stellar. I’m still in awe,” he said after seeing his apartment completely furnished for the first time. “I will be able to have my daughter over for Thanksgiving.”

Previous to moving into his own apartment, the Navy veteran who served in Vietnam was living in an Asbury Park boarding house.

The nonprofit organization Soldier On helped him get his new apartment. In 2015, NJCounts found 695 homeless veterans. Monarch Housing conducts the annual count

Washington Manor is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development development for low-income seniors and disabled residents. After completing $3 million in renovations last May, Washington Manor established a preference and priority for veterans.

After moving in, to his new home, Dixon received new furnishings through the New Jersey Affordable Housing Management Association’s Time of Need Program with help from William Eaton, Washington Manor’s Executive Director.

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