Your Generosity Can Help End Homelessness

GivingTuesday is HereTogether with your help, Monarch Housing can increase its capacity to ensure that everyone in New Jersey has a home.

On May 1, 2015, tenants began moving into Kilmer Homes, newly constructed affordable apartments built on vacant land at the former Camp Kilmer army base in Edison, N.J. The 120-unit development includes 88 units of affordable workforce housing and 30 units of permanent, supportive housing for homeless individuals and families.

Monarch Housing is a proud partner in the development. The Kilmer Homes development is the result of nearly a decade of collaboration by a partnership of housing developers and social services providers.

Says Paul M. who moved into a new Kilmer Homes apartment from a homeless shelter with his fiancée and baby son, it “Means a lot because it will be a place that they can call home and raise their child in a safe environment. We are very grateful.” Says Paul, “Programs like this should be more available for families who want to make a change.”

Your generosity today on Giving Tuesday can:

  • Help develop affordable rental housing that families like Paul M’s can be rapidly rehoused in their own apartments,
  • Fund public policy efforts to increase state and federal funding for the housing vouchers and services so that every homeless person counted in NJCounts 2016 can be permanently housed
  • Support sound planning efforts that help communities employ best practices.

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