We Know What Helps the Homeless

Now We Need More Funding

Mary BrosnahanA New York Times Opinion Piece, “We Know What Helps the Homeless, Now We Need More Funding,” points to the need for more affordable housing to house the chronically homeless.

Mary Brosnahan, president and chief executive of the Coalition for the Homeless, writes about New York City’s homelessness crisis but her message translates to other and nearby regions. New Jersey also has a severe affordable housing crisis.

“But if the causes of modern, mass homelessness are complex, fortunately the remedies are relatively simple. We know what works: Now, we just need investments in the solutions at a larger and more sustained scale.”

And while no one wants to think of families with children facing homelessness, they often are not visible.

“Homeless families suffer largely out of sight, it’s homeless single adults — particularly those with severe and persistent mental illness — who haunt our streets, parks and subways. For the ‘chronically homeless,’ supportive housing, which combines stable housing with mental health and other services, is most effective at helping them regain the stability needed to turn their lives around.“

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