Homeless During the Christmas Season

Take the Time to Share Some Kindness

Homeless During the Christmas SeasonFor many of us, holiday season giving includes making a donation to a local food pantry or through a local “wish tree” program. We may even make an end of year charitable donation to a nonprofit working to end hunger and homelessness. We may commit these kind acts and then return to our holiday preparations and gathering with family friends in our comfortable and warm homes.

Homeless Advocate James Baxley calls us to also think about “Homelessness During the Christmas Season.”

“Not everybody has a warm bed on Christmas (or any other day for that matter). Someone will be crawling out from under a cardboard box in an alleyway, somebody will sleeping under a bridge or an overpass, and somebody will be sleeping in a homeless shelter (he’s the lucky one). A warm bed is something we take for granted on a daily basis.”

When you see a homeless person sleeping on the street, it is important to remember that living like that is rarely a choice. In fact, a “huge majority of homeless people do work.”

“People live on the streets for many reasons, but very, very few live on the streets willingly. Many people are homeless because of drugs and alcohol, but this is a small minority of people. Many make the streets their home because they have a disability, a mental condition, or are a veteran with a war-related disability. Unemployment and under employment isn’t the main cause of being homeless.”

Writes Baxley.

Baxley reminds us to take some time to share some kindness with the homeless, if the opportunity presents itself.

“… If you see somebody who is homeless this Christmas (or any time of the year), don’t turn the other way. Say hello. Talk to them for a moment. Make them feel like a person.”

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