Veterans Homelessness Ended in Bergen County

85 Homeless Veterans Successfully Housed

James TedescoOn January 6, 2016, Bergen County Executive James Tedesco III announced the end of veteran homelessness in the County.

In 2015, the County “successfully housed” 85 homeless veterans yet the 2015 NJCounts Point-In-Time Count of the homeless found only 22 homeless veterans on the night of the count.

The County housed more than the number of homeless veterans counted but that count is only a “snapshot” of homelessness at that time.

“Without question, the efforts of the Bergen County Division of Veteran Services deserve applause. In fact the Bergen County Division of Veteran Services deserves the standing ovation that beckons when the words Ended Veterans Homelessness in Bergen County are said aloud.

But even after successfully housing 340% of Bergen County’s homeless veterans we must recognize – homelessness is not a disease to which there is a cure, homelessness is not a statistic that can be quantified and the effort to end homelessness cannot end.”

Said Mr. Tedesco.

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