Code Blue Needed Statewide in NJ

Code Blue is God’s Ambulance
Squad for the Homeless
Code Blue Bill Introduced

Reverend Dr. Rob WeinsteinOn January 17, 2016, the South Jersey Times featured a guest column by the Reverend Robin B. Weinstein.

The Rev. Weinstein chairs the Cumberland County Code Blue Coalition, and is president of the M25 Initiative, as well as pastor of Bethany Grace Community Church in Bridgeton.

In thanking all of those who make Cumberland’s Code Blue grassroots movement possible, Weinstein makes clear that Code Blue relies on financial support from the community and the generosity of the local churches who host it.

“Code Blue serves as God’s ambulance squad in triaging the effects of homelessness in our community, but the M25 Initiative is about changing the system.”

Writes Weinstein.

Code Blue policies in New Jersey vary county by county. Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak has introduced A815 which would require county emergency management coordinators to establish Code Blue Program to shelter homeless during severe weather events. Assemblyman Bruce Land is a cosponsor of this proposed legislation.

With the arrival of the coldest weather this year and a possible snowstorm this weekend we need Code Blue statewide in NJ now more than ever.

In addition to fundraising for Code Blue, the M25 Initiative is working to end chronic homelessness in Cumberland County by 2020 through expanding Housing First. Monarch Housing is a proud partner in Housing First in the County.

“It is my goal that one day there will be no need for Code Blue because we, as a community, worked together to thoughtfully and responsibly tackle the issues of poverty facing our region.”

Writes Weinstein.

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