Why Did Homeless Man Pour Coffee on His Head?

Former Tent City Resident Remains Homeless

Ronald LeggattLast week, the Asbury Park Press reported that many questions surrounded of Ronald Leggatt, a Lakewood homeless man pouring coffee on his head in exchange for money outside a gas station.

Although Lakewood Township police conducted an investigation, no charges were brought as Leggatt consented to the act.

Yet while deemed not criminal, the incident has certainly sparked a discussion round morals.

Our opinion is that all of our neighbors even those who are un-housed deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

“Oh, my goodness. Isn’t it terrible? I mean, oh my,” Leggatt said somberly Wednesday night after a reporter found him sleeping in a cinder block dugout at a local ball field. “Never thought I’d be in this position at 65.”

Leggatt frequents the gas station parking lot searching for discarded lottery tickets to cash in for spare change.

“A former resident of Lakewood’s Tent City, a homeless encampment in the woods off Cedarbridge Avenue that was shut down in 2014, Leggatt said he previously lived in Freehold and became homeless after his sister moved to Arizona. He’s been out of work for some time. Leggatt had lived a largely anonymous life on the streets here for several years. That changed when a witness posted an account of the coffee pouring incident on Facebook earlier this week.”

“The Rev. Steve Brigham, a homeless advocate who knows Leggatt from the years they lived together in Tent City, called the incident a ‘hideous’ example of exploitation. ‘It’s just something that you don’t do to other human beings,’ he said.”

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