South Jersey Times Endorses Cumberland Homelessness Trust Fund

Freeholders Should Vote February 23rd
to Adopt Ordinance

Freeholder Director Joseph DerellaThe South Jersey Times Editorial Board has endorsed the first step taken towards creating a Homeless Trust Fund in Cumberland County.

To date, nine other New Jersey counties, including have established their own Homeless Trust Funds.

The paper’s editorial board used the movement for a Homeless Trust Fund to call on other parts of the region to take similar steps to end homelessness.

“While it’s not a groundbreaking idea throughout New Jersey, Cumberland County has good reason to endorse a fee that would provide funds to aid the county’s homeless population.”

Cumberland County is working hard to assist the homeless

“With its network of volunteers who work hard in a focused Code Blue operation to whisk people off the street on sub-freezing nights. At the same time, organizers know these cold-snap rescues are temporary.”

The estimated annual revenue of $75,000 from the potential Trust Fund:

“Could go a long way, however, to match clients to agencies with considerably more resources for shelter, employment and treatment access … Wouldn’t it be great if a Cumberland County homelessness trust made housing all veterans a first priority, while heading toward supporters’ expressed goal of zero county homelessness, period, by 2020?”

“Sometime soon we’d like to see South Jersey counties other than Camden — and now Cumberland — establish fee-based homelessness trusts. But many counties need homeless programs with more structure before the public can be confident that the money would be well spent. Cumberland County is already there, and “yes” is a wise vote when the freeholders consider final adoption of the ordinance Feb. 23.”

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