Cumberland and Monmouth Counties
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NJDCA Commissioner at NJCountsNJCounts 2016, the January 27, 2016 statewide point-in-time count of the homeless, was featured on the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) website and received additional news coverage.

In the DCA announcement.

“The primary goal of NJ Counts is to gain an accurate picture of the number of people who experience homelessness and to work toward providing them with needed services.”

Said Jeffrey Schwartz, acting director of the  Monmouth County Department of Human Services.

“It is important for us at the State level to have an understanding of the current number of homeless people in need in order to better serve them.”

Said New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Charles A. Richman.

Schwartz and Richman visited the Project Homeless Connect event at the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission in Asbury Park which happened in conjunction with NJCounts 2016.

In Cumberland County, NBC Philadelphia interviewed Diane Strozyk, Coordinator, Division of Homeless, Cumberland County, at the County’s Homelessness Connect event.

“If you are going to solve the problem of homelessness, you need to know how many homeless people you have … we try to get the statistics that are important to try to help us solve the problems.”

Said Strozyk.

AnneMarie C. Uebbing, the NJ CPD Field Office Director for Housing and Urban Development at NJCountsIn Hudson County, AnneMarie C. Uebbing, the NJ CPD Field Office Director for Housing and Urban Development was directly involved in counting the homeless for NJCounts 2016.

All twenty-one counties participated in NJ Counts 2016 and conducted counts of the homeless on January 27, 2016. The count’s results will continue to guide efforts to end homelessness across the state. Networks of organizations, agencies and others that plan community efforts to end homelessness coordinate the local counts.

DCA Press Release

NBC Philadelphia coverage

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