Homeless Trust Fund Can Transform Lives

$3 Investments Would Be A Long-Term
Investment in Cumberland County

Reverend Dr. Rob WeinsteinOn February 17, 2016, The Daily Journal featured “Homeless Trust Fund Can alter lives” by Robin B. Weinstein, Ed.D.

On February 23, 2016, the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders will hold the final vote to establish a Homeless Trust Fund and Task Force.

This vote will be a critical step in ending chronic homelessness in Cumberland County.

“I applaud their efforts and pray for bipartisan support of this vital measure that is both fiscally and socially responsible.”

Writes Weinstein.

Weinstein is chair of the Cumberland County Code Blue Coalition and president of the M25 Initiative, founder of the Cumberland County Housing First Collaborative and pastor of Bethany Grace Community Church in Bridgeton.

“Formerly homeless individuals in Cumberland County are rebuilding their lives and with an estimated $75,000 in potential annual revenue, the trust fund could help scores more. The trust fund, when used to fund the best practices of supportive housing and Housing First, can help those who have fallen into the pit of homelessness to emerge and not only survive, but thrive!”

Continues Weinstein.

Tabatha was formerly homeless but has lived for 10 years in her own apartment in Vineland. “Says Tabatha, ‘Things became easier’ after moving into her own apartment because ‘without housing, it was like hitting my head against a wall.’ She adds, ‘Without stability, you can’t achieve anything besides trying to acquire your basic needs.’”

Study after study has proven the cost effectiveness of supportive housing and the Housing First model.

“For less than $3, we have the opportunity to save lives and invest in long-term cost savings for our community. The trust fund would collect a $3 fee on some documents filed with the Cumberland County Clerk’s Office.”

Weinstien states.

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