It May Be $3, But Tax for Homeless Trust Fund is No Small Thing

Important Step Towards Ending
Homelessness in Cumberland County

Mayor Albert KellyAlbert Kelly, Mayor of Bridgeton, CEO of Gateway Community Action Partnership and First Vice President of the NJ State League of Municipalities writes in the March 7, 2016 South Jersey Times, “It may be $3, but tax for homeless trust fund is no small thing.”

In February, Cumberland County became the 10th county in the state to pass a Homeless Trust Fund.

Cumberland County estimates that the surcharges could raise at least $70,000 – $75,000 annually.

“It’s only fair that I take this opportunity to commend the Freeholder Board for stepping up and getting it done at a recent meeting to the benefit of not only of those fighting to end homelessness, but most importantly for those who need it the most — our homeless.”

Writes Kelly.

He makes the case that ending homelessness is both a moral and economic issues.

“Homelessness is a vicious thing to an individual or a family and it matters little whether the homelessness is short term or “episodic” or long term and “chronic”. The other thing that’s true about homelessness is that it’s not some stand-alone problem separate and distinct from things like job loss, substance abuse, medical issues, or even divorce.”

“There’s a lot more to do, but this is an important step on our way to ending homelessness in our county.”

Concludes Kelly.

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