Daily Number: 18,527 Households
in NJ Were Homeless Last Year

Cause of Homelessness AHAR ReportOn March 15, 2016, LehighValleyLive reported that in 2015 over 350 homeless households stayed in emergency shelters in Warren County. Monarch Housing has released the 2015 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR.) This reports use data collected through the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS.)

More specifically in Warren County:

  • 368 households were served in 2015, totaling 567 people
  • Most families had children under 18 years old
  • 18-to-29-year-olds were the most-served age range.
  • The cause of homelessness for most was being asked to leave a home shared by family or friends.
  • Mental health issues were the most-cited disability.

Across New Jersey, NJSpotlight reports that 18,527 households lived in emergency shelters.

This number breaks down to:

  • 71% of individuals living in shelters and 14% of families living in shelters with the balance in transitional housing and other types of shelter.
  • 1,572 households were chronically homeless
  • 40% of the homeless population was under the age of 30
  • 50% of adults had a disabling condition and
  • 40% moved from a shelter discharge into permanent housing.

LehighValleyLive Coverage

NJSpotlight Daily Number

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