Misrepresents State of Homelessness in NJ
Joyce Campbell Clarifies the Need

Joyce CampbellPoliticker NJ reports that ”Christie’s 2017 Budget Draws Criticism at Budget Hearing.”

In the article, “Joyce Campbell of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton, argued that Christie’s budget address last month misrepresented the scale of homelessness in New Jersey.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton is just one of many “nonprofit groups and public-private partners struggling to maintain services in the face of tight state finances.”

‘Flat funding is less funding,’ said Campbell of 2017’s proposed state contribution to aid for the homeless. ‘Governor Christie in his budget address talked about the decrease in homelessness. And he’s correct on that specific number he talked about, but that number reflects a very, very narrow federal definition of homelessness leaving out about 12 categories of people that we see that are basically homeless.’

The slight decrease in homelessness in New Jersey from 2015 to 2014 does not take into account all of the individuals and families living at risk of homelessness and staying in psychiatric hospitals and jails and juvenile detention centers, living doubled up with friends or families or renting or living in a home and facing eviction as just examples of the 12 categories.

NJCounts 2015, the state-wide point-in-time count of the homeless reported an overall decrease of 1,645 persons, or 13.9%, compared to the 2014 count.

Politicker NJ Article

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