Cold Night on Newark Pavement Raises Awareness of Homeless Youth

Homeless Youth Constantly
Worry About Where to Eat and Sleep

Cold night on Newark Pavement Raises Awareness of Homeless YouthOn Friday March 18th, young professionals in the Newark area “camped out” to raise awareness around youth homelessness and money for Covenant House.

They weathered the elements on a 36-degree night in a parking lot. More than 100 millennials heard the personal stories of homeless youth.

“No one should, but homeless youth in New Jersey do it night after night. They’re not thinking about tomorrow, only today – and how they’re going to eat and where they’ll sleep.”

“What participants heard next were hardly soothing bedtime stories. Instead, they were tales of struggle and resilience from young people they met that night. Lorraine Rivera told of how her mother didn’t want her when she was 8 years old. Foster homes and rejection marked her childhood, sending her into depression and a psychiatric ward.”

Writes the Star-Ledger’s Barry Carter.

This event was part of Covenant House’s National Sleep Out.

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