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Possible Homeless Encampment in Cherry HillOn March 26, 2016, reported that “N.J. Suburb Eyes Possible Homeless Encampment.

On the same day reported “Homeless camps in Cherry Hill?

Two shanty shacks were found in the woods in suburban Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

“The police have been directed to continue patrolling the area through early next week, and then we will begin to work with public works on removal. Our hope is to make contact with anyone who might be there, to try and connect them with whatever social services they need.”

According to a township spokesman, Bridget Palmer.

In the Philadelphia Inquirer story several neighbors spoke about the possible encampment.

“This is a shame, that people do this,” said Jerry Srodes of Allentown, who was out for a walk with granddaughter Sydney, 7, who lives nearby. “It’s so close to a well-kept area. You wouldn’t think that people live here.”

A community of about 71,000 residents, Cherry Hill has a median household income of $89,567, according to census data. The poverty rate is 4.9 percent.

“My heart bleeds for the homeless,” said Lisa Monterrosa, president of the Colwick Civic Association. “There’s a place for less fortunate people, and it’s not the woods of Colwick.”

According to figures from the 2015 NjCounts, there were 611 men, women and children identified as homeless on the night of Feb. 3, 2015.

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