Operation Warm Heart in Cranford

Cranford First Presbyterian
Holds Successful Second Year

The Elizabeth Coalition to House the HomelessIn 2015, NJCounts 2015 found 504 homeless individuals in Union County and more than 24,519 homeless individuals throughout New Jersey.

The First Presbyterian Church of Cranford (FBCC) members participated in The Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless program Operation Warm Heart. Established in 2014, the program helped over 70 individuals needing shelter and warmth.

NJ.com reported that:

“Though numbers are not yet available for 2016, according to Monarch Housing Associates, the individuals from this year included college professors, young couples and families with children.”

“When this all first started, I admittedly was a bit worried. All I knew was that I wanted to help the homeless, but had no clue how to go about it. Since it’s such a huge undertaking, I wasn’t even sure where to go at first.”

States Catherine Felegi, organizer of the FPCC chapter of Operation Warm Heart.

The Operation Warm Heart Network now includes four other area churches and relies on a variety of donated services for the homeless.

“It’s scary, to think about. Anyone, at any time, can really become homeless. Sure, the state is trying to do things, like holding job training and all of that, but there is still an overwhelming need that we as a community must come together to meet to ensure that everyone, and I mean everyone, has some form of housing available to them and we can meet a goal of zero homelessness.”

States Felegi.

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