Supportive Housing Helps Individuals with
Mental Illness Rebuild Their Lives

In a May 6, 2016 op-ed to the Asbury Park Press, Shauna Moses makes an excellent argument for who it is so critical that New Jersey “Invest More in Mental Health.”

Moses is vice president, public affairs and member services, for the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies.

“All mental health and substance use services need to be sufficiently funded to be provided.”

Writes Moses.

Moses shares her experience of suffering from depression and being suicidal. Thankful that she has insurance and mental health care, Moses writes:

“Although many others have Medicaid or no insurance, there are options for them: nonprofit, community-based providers dedicated to serving this population. The reality, of course, is that money is required to achieve the mission for everyone in need.”

Monarch Housing is proud to be an organizer of the July 13, 2016 Congressional Reception focused on urging New Jersey’s elected officials in Washington, DC to “Stop the Cuts.” The issues raised by Ms. Moses are a critical part of the advocacy leading up to and including the reception.

“These clinical services, as well as many other support services that nonprofit providers offer (e.g., supportive housing, supported employment and education, job and life skills training), have enabled many individuals to complete their education and pursue higher education; enter or rejoin the workforce in competitive jobs; reunite with their families; and strengthen and develop new relationships, in addition to managing mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

Without access to these services, such opportunities for success may not be gained because these poor health conditions would likely exacerbate, ultimately requiring treatment in emergency rooms or inpatient hospital units and potentially resulting in long-term disability or suicide.”

Writes Moses.

Asbury Park Op-Ed


NJ Congressional Reception

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