HUD Posts Sample HTF Allocation Plan Form

Covers Required HTF Elements and Public Participation Guidance

A sample national Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Allocation Plan form, called Housing Trust Fund Allocation Plan Guide 2016 has been developed by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

States may use the sample form to submit their HTF Allocation Plans or use another format as long as all elements required by the interim HTF rule are included.

The sample form covers all of the required elements.

Because the HTF Allocation Plan is part of the Consolidated Plan (ConPlan), states are required to submit their HTF Allocation Plan as a component of their annual Action Plan and/or long-term ConPlan using HUD’s eCon Planning Suite. However, for 2016 the eCon Planning Suite does not yet contain all of the data fields needed to accommodate the HTF Allocation Plan.

If a state has already conducted its ConPlan public participation and included the HTF in any public participation performed for the other HUD formula grant programs (such as HOME and CDBG), that state does not need to conduct additional public participation for the HTF.

If a state has not yet conducted public participation or did not include the HTF in the public participation it performed for other HUD formula grant programs, the state must conduct additional public participation to include the HTF as part of its ConPlan.

The HTF authorizing statute requires states to give priority in awarding HTF money to applicants based on six factors:

  • Geographic diversity;
  • Ability to obligate HTF funds and undertake HTF eligible activities in a timely manner;
  • The extent to which rental units will be affordable, particularly to extremely low income households, which HUD’s interim defines as the extent to which federal, state, or local project-based rental assistance is used;
  • The length of time rental units will remain affordable (a minimum of 30 years);
  • The merits of the proposed project in meeting the priority housing needs in the state’s ConPlan; and
  • The extent to which the applicant will make use of non-federal funding sources.

NLIHC HTF Information

Housing Trust Fund Allocation Plan Guide 2016

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