National Voter Registration Day Gives Renters a Voice

Voter Registration Day Can Help Renters Impact November 2016 Election

National Voter Registration Day can increase voter turnout among low income renters and their allies and be critically important to making affordable housing a priority for both the next President and the new Congress.

As Election Day approaches, Monarch Housing Associates has joined the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) in urging housing organizations to engage in non-partisan voter registration and voter education efforts.

National Voter Registration Day will take place on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

This coordinated day of events involves volunteers and organizations throughout the country hosting events and canvassing neighborhoods to engage new voters and to update registration records.

New Jersey’s deadline to register for the November 2016 election is Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

National Voter Registration Day partners can receive branded posters, stickers, and other materials to promote events and recruit volunteers. The National Voter Registration Day website features a directory of all planned events so that future voters and those interested in volunteering can find nearby events.

Partners should add their events to the directory. National Voter Registration Day coordinators can also provide support with communications and social media to promote local events.

NLIHC is a National Partner for National Voter Registration Day and Monarch Housing is proud to support this effort.

In 2015, just 26% of renters voted, far below the 49% of homeowners who voted. The disparity in voter participation by income levels is even more striking. While 75% of people with incomes over $100,000 were registered to vote in 2014 and 53% voted, just 48% of people with incomes below $20,000 were registered, and only 26% turned out to the polls.

Closing these gaps could make a significant impact toward achieving a more just distribution of federal housing resources.

Renters and individuals experiencing homelessness have a voice and can register their voice and their vote through non-partisan efforts.

NLIHC has produced materials to help advocates and residents develop their own voter engagement activities. Are you planning a Voter registration event? Connect with National Voter Registration Day and help put New Jersey on the map.

And please let Kate Kelly know about it and we will help publicize your efforts through our website and social media.

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