One Million Housing Messages Headed to Congress

Let Congress Know to End Housing Insecurity in America Today

Make Room, in partnership with the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF), has launched a national effort to send 1 million messages to Congress about the critical need to end housing insecurity in America.

Between now and the November election, organizations across the nation will share a common message: our nation is facing a housing affordability crisis of record proportions that demands Congressional leadership.

Monarch Housing Associates and the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) encourages all state, local organizations, and concerned individuals in New Jersey to join the campaign by visiting the Make Room website.

The conventions are over. Candidates up and down the ballot are out on the campaign trail making promises and asking for votes.

Will affordable housing be on their agenda? Let’s join forces to make sure that it is.

Housing advocates know that our nation is facing a housing affordability crisis of record proportions. Too many Americans can’t make rent or mortgage today, and Congress has done little to ease this growing burden.

When organizations and individuals sign up as strategic partners, they will gain access to our Make Rooms digital advocacy platform, which includes a full playbook to help engage members with of Congress and other digital tools to help rally supporters to action.

Make Room is a nationwide education, mobilization and advocacy campaign to elevate rental housing on the national agenda and push for solutions.

Joquann and LaRae MontgomeryIn July 2016, Make Room highlighted the Montgomery family in Patterson, New Jersey Joquann and LaRae work three jobs to keep a roof over their heads in Paterson, NJ. And like 46% of the renters in their city, more than half of their income goes to rent.

Joquann Montgomery, 29 and his fiancé, LaRae Mayfield, 25 are doing their best to give their three kids a decent shot at life. But in crime-plagued Paterson, N.J., nothing comes easily.

The couple doesn’t let their children play outside, for fear of being caught in neighborhood violence. And like most of their neighbors, the family devotes the majority of their income to rent.

They can’t afford a car and spend more than three hours a day on public transportation. Joquann travels to his job as a community college security guard and does weekend service as part of the National Guard. LaRae works part-time and is a full-time student, working toward her associate degree so she can become a drug and alcohol counselor.

Make Room and the Campaign Details

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