Social Media for Housing Advocates

Promoting and Curating Your Housing Social Media Message

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has shared the social media webinar recordings from its recent two-part Social Media for Housing Advocates series.

The first webinar on July 13, 2016, “How to Best Use Social Media to Promote and Curate Your Message” began with covering the basics including why organizations should be on social media and how to use the various platforms or channels including twitter, Instagram and Facebook and how doing this can help your organization’s branding.

The Center’s Caroline Anderson who is the Director of Digital Strategy gave the first presentation.

A key message was that social media “is a great way to help you get your message out” and it “adds that many more tools to your toolbox.”

It also helps you to be more interactive with your audience and help you build positive relationships with other people and organizations.

Some questions to ask when considering your organizations overall goals (not your social media goals):

  • Identify your goals
  • Be honest about your capacity to create content
  • Figure out how much time you have to devote to social media
  • Identify where people are

She reviewed some lessons around housing messaging and social media:

  • No acronyms because no one outside of the housing world knows what they stand for – do not assume that people know that much about housing policy.
  • Try and find a news hook – can you connect what you are talking about to what others are talking about?
  • Break down what you are talking about into how it impacts people.

Caroline gave some timely and real life examples in reviewing these lessons.

As part of the webinar, Teddy Lederer, the Center’s Digital Communications Associate highlighted how Monarch used social media to promote and report on the July 13 Congressional Reception focused on the message to Congress of “No Housing Cuts.”

The second July 20, 2016 webinar covered “Additional platforms, analytics and organizational adoption.”

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July 13 Recording

July 20 Recording

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