Let’s Get Affordable Housing On the Election Agenda

Almost 175 Organizations Helping Make Affordable Housing an Election Issue

The Make Room campaign is excited to announce that 172 organizations like Monarch Housing have already joined our 1 Million Messages campaign to get affordable housing on the election agenda.

The campaign is just days away from its launch on September 1st.

Monarch Housing hopes that your organization will join us and become a partner right now.

Now is the time for New Jersey organizations concerned about the affordable housing crisis to join the campaign.

Faith based organizations, service providers, non-profit affordable housing providers, mental health organizations and homelessness providers are just some examples of organizations that can join the campaign. Your organization can be part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis!

“Monarch Housing Associates joined the 1 Million Message campaign to urge Congress to fund programs to create the affordable housing needed to end homelessness in New Jersey,” said Richard W. Brown, CEO, Monarch Housing Associates. “On July 13, 2016, over 350 advocates from New Jersey traveled by bus to Washington to urge tell our congressional delegation “No Housing Cuts.”

Organizations can join the campaign by signing the letter urging Congress to end the housing affordability crisis.

Individual supporters will be able to send their 1 million messages to Congress on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016.

Across America 20 million families can’t afford their homes. This leads to desperate trade-offs between keeping a roof overhead and buying food or medicine. Too often this silent crisis plays out behind closed doors.

Americans can’t afford a place to live. Un-affordable housing is an old problem, but it’s solvable.

New Jersey’s communities need more resources to build more affordable homes and preserve those that exist. Families need help affording homes, whether to rent or to own. Both are increasingly out of reach.

Make Room, in partnership with the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF), has launched a national effort to send 1 million messages to Congress about the critical need to end housing insecurity in America.

Between now and the November election, organizations across the nation will share a common message: our nation is facing a housing affordability crisis of record proportions that demands Congressional leadership.

And now is the time to elevate housing as a critical national public policy issue. We need Congress to pay attention to the issue of housing.

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Questions About How to Make Housing an Election Issue

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