Homeless Bills Approved by NJ Senate

Exempts Homeless Individuals from Birth Certificates and Non-Driver License ID Fees

On November 3, 2016, the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee unanimously passed, 13-0, two priority homeless assistance bills.

The next step for both bills is a vote before the full New Jersey Senate.

The first bill exempts homeless individuals from fee for birth certificates (A2106/S2351.) The bill was sponsored by Assemblyperson Raj Mukherji and Senator Teresa Ruiz.

A2106 permits homeless individuals to obtain one free certified copy of their birth certificates by submitting a request for the certificate to the State Registrar of Vital Statistics through a social worker or through the coordinator of the emergency shelter for the homeless where the person is temporarily residing.

The Assembly sponsors are:

The Senate bill S2351 is sponsored by:

The second bill exempts homeless from fee for non-driver identification cards (A2107/S2350.) The bill was sponsored by Assemblyperson Mukherji and Senator Ruiz.

The bill passed the Assembly on April 7, 2016 and was unanimously approved. The bill allows homeless people to obtain, duplicate or renew a non-driver identification card without paying a fee.

Once they present proof of temporary residence at a homeless shelter, the individuals will save the $24 fee.

“The administration fee is the only thing prevented many homeless people from acquiring identification, when shelters and social services organizations are willing to help these citizens,” Mukherji said in April.

Removing this financial barrier to obtaining identification will assist homeless individuals in applying for employment, furthering their education, banking and many other activities that will help them rebuild their lives.

The Assembly sponsors of A-2107 are:

The Senate sponsors of S-2350 are:


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