Let’s Build a Thriving New Jersey

In a Thriving New Jersey Every One Can Afford to Call NJ Home

The Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (the Network) has launched the Build a Thriving New Jersey Campaign. The Campaign was launched at the networks October 21 Under One Roof Conference.

The 2008 recession, the foreclosure crisis and Superstorm Sandy took an enormous toll on the communities in which the Network’s members work. Everyone around New Jersey has felt the impact – from our infrastructure to our businesses to the neighborhoods where we work and live.

We are still recovering and our economy needs to get back on track – so that our residents have jobs that support vibrant opportunities in every corner of our state.

The Network Campaign has a simple solution: start with the basics of making sure everyone can afford to call New Jersey home. If we build homes we can afford, and revitalize the communities where we work and live, we can Build a Thriving New Jersey.

Our families, friends and neighbors are the heart of our state and the backbone of our economy. If we can’t afford to live here, we can’t get our economy back on track.

Build a Thriving New JerseyThe next leaders of NJ must commit $600 million annually to create homes we can afford. This $600 million would be invested in:

  • The Affordable Housing Trust Fund,
  • State Rental Assistance Program,
  • Operating & Capacity Support,
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit,
  • Lead Prevention and Weatherization, state homeless programs,
  • Federal match for homeless programs,
  • Emergency assistance programs,
  • HMFA lending and the
  • Special Needs Housing Trust Fund.

Over the last decade, state support for investments that provide the affordable homes and services that our residents and economy need, have been diverted or abandoned. Balanced Housing Program Production, HOME Express, State Rental Assistance Program, UHORP/CHOICE, and Special Needs Housing Trust Fund have all seen shrinking state funding.

The Network has analyzed the investment the state has made over the last 30 years and urges our elected officials to deploy $600 million annually to a strategic set of programmatic investments.

Writes the Network, “Creating affordable homes and strong communities are an investment that makes money. We have the demand and the capability to meet it; New Jersey needs the political will to invest in a thriving future for all.”

Build a Thriving New Jersey Summary

Build a Thriving New Jersey

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