Congress to Extend Federal Budget to April 28

Federal Budget at FY16 Levels Could Put HUD Housing Assistance At Risk

This week, Congress is expected to vote on a short-term continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government before the current CR expires on December 9. The new deadline will be April 28, 2017.

While House Republicans initially pushed for the new federal budget to run through March, Senate Republicans indicated that they wanted the CR to run longer to accommodate the Senate’s packed schedule in the first few months of the new Congress.

The CR maintains the fiscal year 2017 spending cap of $1.07 trillion and will keep the federal government funded through April 28, 2017.

At that time, lawmakers must negotiate another budget deal-whether a full-year CR or final spending bills-to keep the government operating through FY17 that runs through the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

Some conservative Members of Congress are urging their leadership to enact cuts to federal spending levels in any final bill. If these efforts are successful and the final spending bill is set at last year’s levels, more than 100,000 vouchers could be lost.

Thousands of families and children could lose access to stable housing, putting them at increased risk of homelessness, and many with disabilities could lose accessible housing. More than an estimated 100,000 vouchers could be lost in FY17 if Congress passes a full-year CR at FY16 levels.

To read more about the impact of the budget click here.

House Appropriations Chair Hal Rogers (R-KY) stated that the CR will include many spending anomalies throughout the bill. An “anomaly,” in the context of a CR, is a special provision included to address a particular program need. Several HUD programs may require anomalies to meet their contractual obligations and continue to serve HUD-assisted households.

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