Securing Gains in Affordable Housing Requires Vigilance

Vigilance Will Allow NLIHC to Mobilize to Protect Critical Housing Programs

On January 16, 2017, our nation observed Martin Luther King Day and Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition issued a statement, “Point of View: Vigilance.”

In her statement, Yentel lays out the NLIHC’s charge for coming year and years to follow under the new Administration.

Yentel opens her statement with a quote from President Barack Obama, reflecting on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The arc of the moral universe may bend towards justice, but it doesn’t bend on its own. To secure the gains this country has made requires constant vigilance, not complacency.”

As we prepare for President-elect Donald Trump to take office on Friday, January 20, 2017, it will be more important than ever to be vigilant and not complacent.

Writes Yentel, “From what we know about the Republican agenda, we have multiple struggles ahead to protect and preserve the entire safety net for low income people – including affordable housing programs. Republicans are working to repeal the Affordable Care Act as soon as possible with no clear plan for a replacement, putting the health care of millions of low income people at risk. They will seek an increased defense budget, paid for through cuts to non-defense spending programs.”

But with this need to be vigilant comes “Opportunities to continue advancing our mission of affordable homes for the lowest income people.” We must continue to advocate for increased funding for affordable housing for the 8 million low income households in the United States that include families, elderly, children and homeless veterans.

Writes Yentel, “We will simultaneously seek opportunities in Congress to significantly expand funding for programs that serve the lowest income people. Through the United for Homes campaign, we will push for modest reforms to the mortgage interest deduction to provide a new tax break for millions of low income homeowners and to reinvest tens of billions in savings towards housing solutions for the lowest income people. If an infrastructure package is proposed, we will make the case that housing is infrastructure and urge that an expansion of the national Housing Trust Fund and funding for capital improvements to public housing be included.”

Monarch Housing Associates plans to attend the NLIHC 2017 Housing Policy Forum – Advancing Solutions in a Changing Landscape. You can click here for more details including registration information.

Concludes Yentel, “To move our work forward in this time of fear and uncertainty, I believe we must remain open to, and be ready for, possibility. We must welcome every opportunity to form new and sometimes unexpected partnerships towards shared goals.

My commitment to you is to do just that. Throughout these uncertain times, NLIHC will work tirelessly to protect and improve existing programs, as well as seize opportunities to expand them. We will seek areas of commonality while never compromising our core values and always keeping our eyes on the prize – ending homelessness and housing poverty, once and for all.

Vigilance. This moment demands it.”

Point of View: VIGILANCE

NLIHC Policy Forum

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