NJCounts Identifies Lack of Affordable Homes

Publicity on NJCounts in Morris, Union and Monmouth

TapintoMorris reported, “Homeless Youth Population in Morris County Targeted as a Priority for NJ Counts 2017.” “It is important to get a solid idea of just how many people in our county may be homeless, to let us better identify the problem so that our Human Services team can best decide how these individuals and families might best be helped,” said Morris County Freeholder Kathy DeFillippo, the county governing board’s liaison to the county Department of Human Services.

TapintoSpringfield and TapintoWestfield reported “NJ 2-1-1 Participating in NJCounts 2017.” “Everyone knows that the scarcity of affordable housing is an issue in our state,” says Janice Kaniewski, NJ 2-1-1 call center director,” but it is sobering to hear the voices of those who are facing the prospect of immediate homelessness.”

NJ 2-1-1 reports that “In 2016, 27,068 people statewide called our office looking for help with a housing-related issue; over 20,000 of those calling were looking for shelter or emergency housing. An additional 185,000 searches occurred on the NJ 2-1-1 resource database last year using one of the following terms: Housing; Shelter; Homeless. Add these figures to the fact that over 83,000 in the same time period contacted the call center looking for financial assistance resources.”

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“People are struggling,” states NJ 2-1-1 board president, Gina Plotino. “There is just no denying that.”

FiosNews1 reported about the impact that the findings of NJcounts 2017. “Come this summer when Congress lays out a budget, advocates say they plan to petition for more funding to combat homelessness.”

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