NJCounts 2017 Find Homeless on the Streets

Warren, Bergen, Essex, Sussex, and Passaic  Participate in NJCounts on January 25th

NJCounts 2017 took place on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 and the statewide event made the news through news across the state.

Leihigvalleylive reported, “Warren County’s services come together, offer hope for those in need.” “I think it’s amazing that in such a small county, we have such a large number of residents that need services,” said Jan McDyer, with the county’s human services department. “It’s amazing that we all come together on a day like this to help.”

The article interviewed a husband and wife in need of assistance who attended the county’s Project Homeless Connect event. “Robert Bayne said the event presents “all kinds of opportunities,” especially for those afraid of being judged for their needs.

The Cresskill Daily Voice reported, “Closter Church Serves Up Dinner During Project Homeless Connect.” Bergen County’s Housing, Health and Human Services Center described the event, “This is the day that every year, in January, we send out street teams,” said Julia Orlando, director of the Bergen County Housing, Health and Human Services Center.

“Our teams went out at 5 a.m.,” she added. “They searched under bridges, in parks, and any places where people are known to habitate when they’re living outside.”

And Orlando commented on veteran homelessness in the County, “There are veterans in the shelter, Orlando explained. But the number coming in is less than the number going out.

That’s thanks to a response system that can assess, triage and return veterans back to housing within 90 days.”

HRGCommunityNews reported, “2017 Project homeless connect was a success in Hakensack NJ.” And it made clear how critical funding to end homelessness and create affordable housing is. “County Executive James Tedesco was very clear about the power’s that be NOT cut back on funding to housing and component services.”

The Star-Ledger reported, “Once homeless, he now helps those still living on the streets.” The article share the story of Steven Taylor who was once homeless but now as an outreach worker for Project Live in Newark, helped with NJCounts 2017. Said Taylor about that experiencing homelessness and living on the street, “No matter what they look like, smell like, act like, with the right treatment and opportunity, everybody has the potential to get back on their feet.”

Ross Croessmann, executive director of Project Live in Newark, “Says his organization and others are prioritizing finding homes for the homeless and setting them up with job training and employment.

“Our goal is to make not just a house but a home,” he said. “Everyone deserves to live with dignity.”

The Record reported “These people are not dangerous,” said Danielle Pera of the Mental Health Association of Morris County, where the search for homeless people focused mainly on Morristown and Dover. “These are people who are experiencing homelessness and economic hardship. They have the same right to housing as anybody else.”

And in Passaic County, “The message is, ‘Come on in, how can we help?’ ” Charles Featherson, a community outreach coordinator for the Passaic County Department of Health and Human Services, said as he handed out coats and scarves. “Let’s find out what’s really going on with you.” But often, Featherson says the response is, “I’m OK.”

The New Jersey Herald reported “Count of homeless takes place in county.” “On Wednesday morning, Nikolas Kapetanakis, of the Sussex County Division of Community and Youth Services, hit the road to seek out eight areas in Sussex County where homeless individuals were seen or have been seen by state police. The state police as well as local police stations work with the county’s governmental offices throughout the year in an effort to seek out and help the homeless in the county.”

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