Poll Finds Majority in NJ Favors Affordable Homes

94 Municipalities Have Agreed to Provide 30,000 Affordable Homes

On February 2, 2017, NJSpotlight reported “Poll finds a New Jersey majority favors affordable homes.”

A new poll from Quinnipiac University found that two-thirds of New Jerseyans favor the placement of housing affordable for middle class and low income households in their communities.

And only 14 percent of those polled responded that they view affordable homes unfavorably.

But fifty-three percent of those polls think that their communities already provide enough affordable housing. “Mike Cerra, assistant executive director of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities, said the finding that most people think their town has enough affordable housing “might reflect that while most support the policy, there is still debate over the best means to implement” new housing requirements that individual municipalities are agreeing to meet or debating in the courts.”

“Voters applaud the (new Supreme Court) decision, but they say their own community has the right amount of affordable housing, meaning they might not be happy to see any more,” said Mickey Carroll with the Quinnipiac Poll. This decision reinstates the requirement for thousands of new affordable housing units across New Jersey Communities.

NJSpotlight’s Colleen O’Dea explains,

“The recent (Supreme) court ruling referred to in the poll states that all communities have to accommodate low-income residents who could not afford a place to live during a 16-year period when affordable-housing regulations were in dispute. The decision states that the fact COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) did not do its job properly for 16 years does not exempt towns from having to meet housing needs that existed during that period and continue to exist today.”

“To date, 94 municipalities have reached settlement agreements with Fair Share to provide 30,000 homes affordable to those of modest means.”

“We are pleased that the latest Quinnipiac University poll shows strong support among New Jerseyans for increasing opportunities for working families, seniors and people with disabilities with continued strong enforcement of our fair housing laws,” said Anthony Campisi, a Fair Share spokesman. “This poll is further evidence of a growing consensus that towns can and should meet their obligations.”

Carroll concludes “That on the issue of affordable housing and another, school funding, on which the poll tested public opinion. Says Carroll, “New Jerseyans seem to be more liberal than politicians have given them credit for.”

NJSpotlight Article

Quinnipiac University Poll

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