ACA Repeal Would Devastate New Jersey

Will Jersey’s GOP throw millions off health care?

ACA Repeal Would End Medicaid Expansion for 550,000 Low-Income New Jerseyan’s Would Lose Insurance

New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) reports on the impact of ACA Repeal in a recent analysis entitled “Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate New Jersey.”

As just an example, “In 2019: 58,000 Hudson County residents losing Medicaid coverage.”

According to data from NJPP, every New Jersey county would “suffer serious losses under the repeal.” NJPP shares the numbers that support what advocates have been saying – the roll back of the very successful expansion of Medicaid in New Jersey would hurt the state’s most vulnerable residents. Without an adequate replacement, very low-income New Jerseyans, many of whom were able to access health insurance for the first time, would be left without health insurance.

Quoting NJPP’s senior policy analyst Raymond Castro, “The greatest harm would be caused by repealing the Medicaid expansion, which would terminate health coverage for about 550,000 low-income New Jerseyans and cost the state about $3 billion in federal funds each year. Despite threats by Congress and the President to end the Medicaid expansion, participation increased by another 12,000 in the enrollment period ending last month, demonstrating the urgent need for this coverage.”

NJPP also reports larger numbers that apply to the wider impact on the state if the ACA is repealed:

  • A total of 1.1 million New Jersey residents would lose health coverage
  • $4.2 billion in federal funding would be lost each year
  • 86,000 jobs would be lost
  • 777 people would die due to lost insurance

NJPP drives policy change to advance economic justice and prosperity for all New Jerseyans through evidence-based, independent research, analysis and advocacy.

NJPP’s strategy includes:

  • Research/Analysis: NJPP analyzes state policies affecting all New Jerseyans, with a focus on the state budget, tax policy, economic security and health care issues essential to working families.
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Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate New Jersey

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