Clean Federal Budget with No Riders, No Cuts

Fighting for a Clean Federal Budget with No Harmful Riders

Congress should pass a clean federal budget that funds and protects our families and communities and that has no harmful riders.

Public Citizen has put together a toolkit to help engage grassroots on the budget during the upcoming two-week congressional recess. The toolkit is geared towards activists fighting for a clean federal budget with no harmful riders.

Congress should pass a clean federal budget that funds and protects our families and communities and has no harmful riders.

The toolkit contains:

  • background information about the budget process,
  • a list of appropriators sorted by state,
  • talking points,
  • questions for lawmakers at town halls,
  • a call script,
  • sample letters to lawmakers, sample letters to the editor,
  • sample tweets, social media graphics and links to helpful resources.

Every year, Congress must pass a series of appropriations bills to fund the services and safeguards that protect American families and communities. In addition to passing a budget for fiscal year 2018, Congress and the White House also must ensure funding for the rest of fiscal year 2017.

The last Congress failed to pass a budget through regular order. Instead, Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) extending 2016 funding levels through midnight on April 28, 2017. If lawmakers fail to act before then – either by passing another short-term CR or a full budget – our government will shut down until funding is restored.

On March 16, 2017, President Donald Trump released a “skinny budget,” previewing his administration’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2018. As we reported –  President Trump’s First Budget Could Impact Affordable Housing – would cut $6B from HUD.

Unfortunately, many believe Republican budget will be rigged to benefit billionaires and big corporations at the expense of American workers, consumers and families.

Republicans are also threatening to attach to this must-pass budget legislation hundreds of harmful policy riders that would repeal essential public protections.

These ideological riders could do lasting damage to our system of public safeguards, which is designed to prevent tragedies that would spell disaster for individuals, families, businesses and communities.

These riders have nothing to do with funding our government, and most of them could not become law on their own merits – even with Republicans controlling all three branches of government.

The Clean Budget Coalition is calling on Congress and the White House to pass a clean budget that funds and protects our families and communities and that contains no harmful riders before the government shuts down. Members of Congress need to do their jobs and stop playing games with the appropriations process.

The resources in this toolkit will help you amplify this message in your community. Please contact your members of Congress, ask about these issues at town halls, write letters to the editor in your local newspaper and tell others about the dangers posed by riders on social media. Thank you for your activism and support!

NDD United and Monarch Housing urge advocates to use this toolkit as you activate your own grassroots this month.

Clean Budget Toolkit

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