People’s Budget Invests in Federal Programs That Keep Us Secure and Provide for Most Vulnerable

Join NDD United and the Coalition on Human Needs and Activate Your Communities for the People’s Budget

The Nondefense Discretionary (NDD) United Steering Committee and the Coalition on Human Needs are two of the organizations circulating a new petition for a People’s Budget that invests in the federal programs that keep us secure at home and provide for our most vulnerable.

Other groups that support this effort are encouraged to sign the People’s Budget petition and help get your own communities activated.

The People’s Budget petition states,

“Our nation’s budget should reflect and respond to the needs of everyday individuals and families. How we spend money says a lot about our nation’s priorities and it is vital to securing our future and our children’s future. We need a budget that not just keeps us safe and secures us but also provides opportunities and gives us all the chance to succeed.

Our nation’s budget should prioritize job creation and guarantee the longevity of vital safety nets that millions of people rely on.

Our nation’s budget should reject any move to take away funding from the policies and programs that are improving the lives of millions of vulnerable individuals and families.

Our nation’s budget should address the actual needs of our people.”

Other participating organizations include:

NDD United is an alliance of hundreds of national, state, and local organizations working to protect investments in core government functions that benefit all Americans.

The programs–known in the nation’s capital as nondefense discretionary or “NDD” programs—include:

  • veteran’s affairs,
  • medical and scientific research;
  • education and job training;
  • infrastructure;
  • public safety and law enforcement;
  • public health;
  • weather monitoring and environmental protection;
  • natural and cultural resources;
  • housing and social services; and
  • nternational relations.

Each day these programs support economic growth and strengthen the safety and security of every American in every state and community across the nation.

People’s Budget Petition

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