Lift Spending Caps and Fully Fund Housing and Transportation Programs

Nearly 3,500 Organizations and Local Governments Including 92 in NJ Urge Congress to Lift Spending Caps

The Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF) sent a letter to House and Senate leadership urging federal lawmakers to work together to lift spending caps.

In NJ ninety-two (92) organizations and local governments signed the letter. Monarch Housing Associates was proud to be one of the ninety-two groups from NJ to sign this letter.

The caps on federal spending should be lifted equally for defense and non-defense programs and to ensure housing, community development and transportation programs receive the highest amount of funding possible. The letter was signed by nearly 3,500 national, state, local, and tribal organizations and governments.

The letter reads, “These programs strengthen our country and economy by creating millions of jobs and offering a safety net to our most vulnerable households. With more families struggling to make ends meet, and our nation’s affordable housing and transportation infrastructure deteriorating, federal investments are ever more critical to sustain our communities and ensure families thrive.”

The Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF) is an education, strategy and action hub for national organizations dedicated to adequate federal housing and community development funding for lower-income families and communities.

CHCDF’s members represent a full continuum of national housing and community development organizations, including faith-based, private sector, financial/intermediary, public sector and advocacy groups.

The key principles underlying the Campaign’s work in support of HUD’s programs are expansion and preservation.

  • Expansion: Increase funds for effective programs that support families and communities and enact new opportunities to increase the supply of and access to affordable rental housing and economic development opportunities.
  • Preservation: Preserve existing affordable housing in order to be able to eventually meet affordable housing needs.

To achieve this expansion and preservation, we urge Congress and the Administration to:

  • Realign the federal budget to preserve and expand access to affordable rental housing for low income households while continuing support for home-ownership opportunities for low and moderate income families.
  • Partner with and utilize resources from federal agencies in addition to HUD to help meet affordable housing and community development goals.
  • Attract private capital to supplement, not supplant, federal investments in affordable housing and community development.

Letter to House and Senate Leadership

NJ Signers

Fact Sheet on CHCDF

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