Union County Summit Addressed Need for Affordable Homes

NJ’s Economy Needs to be Recharged Through Investments in Affordable Homes

On March 29, 2017, the Union County Housing Summit to Build a Thriving New Jersey event took place at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Springfield and highlighted the need for more affordable homes.

The Union News Daily reported on the event, “Union County summit addresses home affordability.”

The event brought together and built support from advocates and Union County residents for the “Build a Thriving New Jersey” campaign by the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (HCDDNJ).

The campaign calls on the decision makers and potential decision makers in the state to “Recharge the state’s economy through investments into affordable homes.”

The next event – Union County Candidates Forum to Build a Thriving NJ – will be held on April 25th at 7 PM at the same location.

Housing advocates, community leaders and leaders in the Union County religious community attended the event.

Among these were:

Nina Arce, communications coordinator for the HCDNNJ, said “We developed the ‘Build a Thriving NJ’ campaign to urge our state officials and future leaders to commit to making investments in housing and community development to help boost our economy and create opportunities that allow everyone to be able to call New Jersey home.”

Monarch Housing’s Richard Brown commented on a key part of the solution to the state’s housing affordability crisis. “Both state and federal investments are needed to ensure that all of New Jersey’s residents can afford a place to call home.”

According to Brown, Monarch Housing advocates and their partners will be in Washington, D.C., “in July for a congressional reception to fight the cuts.”

Deacon Williams, chairman of the Union County Interfaith Coordinating Council, whose mission is to promote dialogue across multiple religious, racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups on issues that impact communities, said that many members of their congregations struggle to pay the rent on even low-rent housing.”

Deacon Tim Williams who chairs the Union County Interfaith Coordinating Council and moderated the event and, “Many have lived here all their lives and have family and job. Losing them undermines our community. We need to build a thriving Union County so that all of us can afford to call New Jersey home. Hosting a platform such as the housing summit for discussing these issues, educating the community and supporting change is one important step we can take on the road toward achieving positive change.”

The “Build a Thriving NJ: Union County Housing Summit” was held at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Springfield and sponsored by:

Learn More About “Build a Thriving New Jersey”

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