Tell Your Lawmakers: New Jersey Needs Strong Local News and Information

NJ Will Receive $332M from Selling off the Broadcast Licenses – Let Our Legislators Know we Need this for Local News

New Jersey is set to receive $332 million from selling off the broadcast licenses of two of its old public-media stations.

Please support efforts to make local news and media in NJ stronger.

The Free Press Action Fund is organizing these efforts.

There are two ways to support this effort:

The strength of our democracy, in part, here in New Jersey depends on it.

With the majority of New Jersey’s communities currently receiving little to no new coverage, these public-media funds should be used to fix the state’s local news crisis.

The NJ state legislature must take action by funding the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium, a project that will unite journalists and higher education institutions with residents to fund projects to create a system of locally-produced news.

Please tell lawmakers that you want strong local news and information and the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.

Now is the time for New Jerseyans to lift up their voice.

Our legislators must act now. The public media stations were originally created to serve our information needs, so it is only right the funding be used to revive and amplify local voices.

The Free Press Action Fund is a nonpartisan organization fighting for your rights to connect and communicate. The Free Press Action Fund does not support or oppose any candidate for public office.

Free Press works across the country to create a world where people have the information and opportunities they need to tell their own stories, hold leaders accountable, and participate in our democracy.

It fights to save the free and open internet, curb runaway media consolidation, protect press freedom, and ensure diverse voices are represented in our media.

Free Press believes that change happens when people have a real voice in the political process.

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New Jersey Civic Information Consortium

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