Organize and Advocate to End the Housing Crisis in NJ and Across the Country

Organize and Advocate to Make a Difference at the Federal and State Levels

On Tuesday, May 16, 2017 from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., the National Low Income Housing Coalition will host a webinar, “Action: Organize and Advocate Make a Difference.”

Community Development organizations are very aware of the housing crisis in New Jersey and throughout the nation.

Housing that is affordable is out of reach for too many of our neighbors. Local, State and National funding for these projects is too little and may face more funding cuts.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) has a strategic plan to address this critical situation which encourages communities to organize and advocate. 

Advocates Invite Union County Residents to ‘Build a Thriving NJ’Join the NLIHC for its webinar to learn more about the United for Homes campaign and how we can work together to address this issue and help us Build A Thriving New Jersey!

Webinar presenters will include:

  • Sarah Mickelson, Director of Public Policy
  • Sarah Jemison, Housing Advocacy Organizer NLIHC
  • Joey Lindstrom, Manager of Field Organizing

United for Homes was created to end homelessness, help build a strong foundation and strengthen communities. Families–and especially children–who live in a stable, affordable homes have better health and education outcomes, have greater access to economic opportunities, and benefit from stronger communities.

United for Homes MIDWeek E-Newsletter with Advocacy UpdatesUnited for Homes urges reform of the mortgage interest deduction (MID)—a $70 billion a year tax write-off that largely benefits America’s highest income families—and a reinvestment of the savings in housing that serves families with the greatest, clearest, most pressing needs through solutions like the national Housing Trust Fund (HTF) and rental assistance programs. NLIHC staffs the United for Homes campaign.

Build a Thriving New Jersey has analyzed the investment the state has made over the last 30 years and urge our elected officials to deploy $600 million annually to a strategic set of programmatic investments. Over the last decade, state support for investments that provide the affordable homes and services that our residents and economy need, have been diverted or abandoned. Learning how to organize and advocate is crucial to our efforts to Build and Thriving NJ.

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