How to Stop Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts to Affordable Housing

Urge Congress to Protect Critical Resources for Ending Homelessness and Creating Affordable Housing from Trump Budget Cuts

On Friday, May 19, 2017 at 3:00 p.m., the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) will hold a webinar “Get the Message Right: How to Stop Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts to Affordable Housing.”

In his blueprint for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018, President Trump proposed to slash federal investments in affordable housing and community development by 15%.

These drastic proposed cuts put more than 200,000 families at immediate risk of eviction and homelessness and would starve local communities of the resources they need to thrive. Later this month, the Trump administration is expected to release more details.

NLIHC and other leaders of the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF) invite you to learn how to effectively communicate with policymakers and the public about the impact of President Trump’s budget cuts on families and communities.

The Center for American Progress will present new polling and message research on the economy—with a particular focus on how Americans see the upcoming budget fight. Webinar presenters will highlight messages on affordable housing that are most effective and preview a new budget-focused campaign that can help educate the public on what is at stake.

The housing community has many resources to draw from to improve our communications and more easily achieve our goals. These resources include new research and recommendations from Enterprise Community Partners and more than a decade of research-backed messaging used at the state and local levels.

Enterprise Community Partners and the National Housing Conference will share new information about science-backed messaging practices and how to use them effectively in advocacy for new housing resources.

Webinar presenters will include:

  • Rebecca Vallas, Center for American Progress
  • Jeremy Slevin, Center for American Progress
  • Tiffany Manuel, Ph.D.,Enterprise Community Partners
  • Amy Clark, National Housing Conference
  • Elayne Weiss, National Low Income Housing Coalition

And there is action that you can take now:

  • Organizations and local governments can sign onto a national letter calling on Congress to lift the caps on federal spending for FY18 equally for defense and non-defense programs and ensure that affordable housing and community development programs receive the highest level of funding possible.
  • Individuals can email members of Congress and urge them to protect critical resources for affordable housing. Email Congress!
  • Everyone can share CHCDF’s new A Place to Call Home report and more than 100 success stories with their members of Congress. A Place to Call Home brings together the latest research on how affordable housing boosts economic mobility, reduces poverty and homelessness, improves health outcomes, and strengthens the economy.

We also encourage you to Reserve Your Seat for “No Cuts to Housing” Congressional Reception July 26, 2017.

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