Partners, Donors and Sponsors Make the No Cuts to Housing July 26 Congressional Reception Happen

Support from our Partners is Critical to Congressional Reception Success

Momentum is building for the July 26, 2017 Congressional Reception. And now is the time to register and join is in Washington on July 26th!

The Congressional Reception will take place Dirksen Senate Auditorium on Capitol Hill in DC.

Bus transportation to and from the Congressional Reception is available with your registration.

The theme will be “No Cuts to Housing.” Cuts are hurting our communities that serve low-income families, the homeless and those with special needs.

Register for the July 26th Congressional Reception

The impact of sequestration and budget cuts has reduced the budget of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as other domestic programs.

The lack of affordable homes and the resources needed to maintain existing public housing has created an affordable housing state of emergency in NJ.

Our partners and donors are crucial to making the Reception a success! Join today and make a difference!

A list of our partners to date is below:


  1. CSH
  2. Technical Assistance Collaborative

Bus Sponsors

  1. Harry Coe
  2. Don Godfrey
  3. John Glascock
  4. Maryanne Guenther
  5. Carol Kasabach
  6. Bob Kley
  1. Ada Melendez-McGuinness
  2. Gordon Ur
  3. Gary Perillo
  4. Joanne Smith
  5. Laverne Williams

The Reception’s program will include:

  • An overview of the state picture and welcome the two senators.
  • An advocate from each Congressional district who will welcome the member of Congress and introduce two speakers – one who will speak about the impact of homelessness and a second who will talk about public policy issues in the district.
  • The speakers will discuss the benefits of HUD funded housing and the impact HUD funding cuts are having in their communities. All members from the district will be included in a group photo.
  • Staff from key national partner organizations such as the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Enterprise Communities and the National Alliance to End Homelessness will be asked to give brief national perspectives on the HUD budget cuts.
  • Buses to transport attendees to and from DC.
  • A boxed lunch and buttons.
  • Promotion through main stream and social media. The hashtags are #NJHillDay and .
  • Infographics showing the impact of the budget cuts to key HUD programs will be provided.

Monarch Housing Associates has taken the lead in planning the event and in recruiting new and existing partners. To assist with this year’s event Monarch has recruited from Drew and College of St. Elizabeth Summer Interns Join Monarch Team.

And just as a reminder, we are using the hashtags #NJHillDay #NoHousingCuts to spread the word about the Congressional Reception and build momentum for the event.

Register for the Congressional Reception

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