What Trump’s Budget Means for the Garden State

Trump’s Budget Will Cut Deeply – Join Us in DC on July 26th to Say No to Housing Cuts

Late last month while the battle for the future of healthcare in our nation was in full swing, the administration released Trump’s Budget for fiscal year 2018.

The budget from America’s first “business man” president shows a reader very clearly what Trump’s priorities are. Upon first glance, one might argue that at the core of it the goal of the Trump fiscal year 2018 budget is to balance the budget. The administration claims that under this budget they will be able to balance the budget in a decade.

The important proposed spending changes in this budget include:

  • Increase spending on the military
  • Increase spending on border security
  • Decrease spending to protect the environment
  • Decrease spending on public safety net programs

According to an article published on May 23, by Politico Magazine the budget uses some very creative accounting. “Ultimately, the Trump budget reads like a corporate prospectus for a shady widget manufacturer who claims that cutting widget prices will spark a massive surge in widget sales, while promising major cutbacks in ineffective widget salesmen and unnecessary widget costs. It doesn’t pencil out. And it’s worth understanding the main reasons it doesn’t pencil out, because soon Republicans in Congress will get to use their own pencils.”

Looking at the budget with a New Jersey lens, there are a few major changes that hurt the tax payer and the pocket book of Garden State voters. The major change is the proposed elimination of the federal deduction when paying state and local taxes.

NJ.com reported on May 23, this will really affect New Jersey on because there is expected to be a $274 million shortfall this fiscal year.

Additionally, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11) has stepped up into the leadership of the party as the chairman of the House Appropriation. He will have a large role in the way that funds are distributed in our nation.

Read our previous post on the budget for more details.

There are a number of deep cuts on the table for programs that make up our nation’s safety net for the neediest citizens. In these unsure political times, we would like to encourage you to attend the 2017 Congressional Reception on July 26.

This is an amazing opportunity to tell this new administration “No Housing Cuts”.

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